Our Glasgow Etsy Made Local Line-Up


We are pleased to announce a full line up of our 60 excellent #GlasgowEtsy team sellers in no particular order for 2015’s  #EtsyMadeLocal at the Briggait on the 6th December.

1. Claire Barclay Draws


Claire creates works inspired by her general Scottishness and some of her favourite elements of Scottish culture mainly our funny quirks and sayings such as ‘Pure Braw’ and ‘Geeze a Winch’! She creates illustrated jewellery, greetings cards, art prints, tote bags and bunting all with her doodles on them and hopes to celebrate being a ‘Glasgow Girl’ in a quirky, fun and vibrant new way

2.Hejsan Goods


Sarah-Jane Brand started designing and making Swedish bead baskets after falling in love with them at a fleamarket in Sweden. In 2014, her business HEJSAN GOODS was awarded the *Mollie Makes* Start-Up Business Award. She lives in Ayrshire with her husband and their three children.

3.Neil Slorance


Neil Slorance is a Glasgow based award winning illustrator. Best known for his work in comics for the book ‘Dungeon Fun’ and also his work the Doctor Who comics series he also has a wide range of quirky illustrations, prints and zines which make ideal gifts for all ages.



“FOAK, or First of a Kind is a range of bespoke textile pieces for the home using traditional textile methods in a contemporary manner, ‘traditional making for modern minds’ if you will. Inspiration is drawn from travel, folk culture and nature, with the moon being a prominent feature in the work of designer, Rachael Coghill. Expect pillows, quilts and wall hangings at our Made Local Event.’

5.Zoe Brennan


Zoe Brennan is a Perth-based company that specialises in contemporary stationery. Working from my home studio, I make and create all designs by hand before they are sent down South (or Kent as the maps call it.) where they are printed by a small, family run, business. I love working with them as they have as much passion for each individual product as I do. I try to stay on the right side of cheeky, risque not raunchy. My mantra is if I wouldn’t show my mum, it ain’t getting done! The same things have always caught my attention, things that make me laugh and think, things that I can connect with. Sometimes it’s a phrase or a joke, other times it’s more visual.

I like to create products that engage, whether evoking a memory, personal connection or something just to make you chuckle. With over 100 designs and a growing product range Zoe Brennan is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face – even the grumpiest of people! I believe in keeping things local so all Zoe Brennan products are printed in the UK using FSC accredited paper.

 6.Laura Spring Studio


Laura Spring, originally from Staffordshire, is a textile designer/maker living and working in Glasgow creating bold graphic print designs that are transformed through screen and digital print into fashion accessories, homeware and stationary. She is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where she was awarded a BA in graphic design in 2002. With an enormous love for colour, print, pattern and process, Laura aims to create products and designs based around these ideals. Bold patterns mixed with bright colours transformed into beautifully crafted products underpin Laura’s work. Inspiration changes from collection to collection but past work has centred around the relationship between motif and function.

Laura is committed to supporting local manufacturing and ethical methods of production in the creation of her work. All trims, finishes and supplies are sourced within the UK where possible and when materials are required to be sourced from abroad, Laura ensures these items are fair-trade. As well as working on her own collections, Laura enjoys collaborating with other artists/designers and companies across various fields. She has worked with artists Laura Aldridge and Ciara Phillips to produce limited edition ranges of bags for House of Voltaire 2012 and 2014 respectively.

She has also produced limited editions for Lush Cosmetics, Belle & Sebastian, The National Trust for Scotland, Not Another Bill and is currently working on an exciting project called India Street, curated by Katy West. This took Laura and three other designers on a two-week research trip to India in February 2015 to develop designs and prototypes for the next phase of the project. This is due to launch at Tramway in Glasgow in June 2016. Laura has just returned from being a designer in residence at Arteles in Finland and launched her new interiors collection at Design Junction in September 2015.

7.Bonnie Bling


Bonnie Bling was set up in 2012 following a slightly drunken conversation between two friends about the merits of old Scots Slang words being turned in to acrylic jewellery! Since then Mhairi Bling set up and grew the company using a crowd funding campaign as her ‘count toss’ moment to see if other people thought the idea was viable.

Three years later and Bonnie Bling is now all laser cut on their own in house laser machine and has been worn by lots of celebrities and garnered amazing press coverage. Each piece is designed by Mhairi who draws inspiration from her Scottish surroundings and popular culture. We have a small team of makers who help to assemble and finish each piece so you can be sure of a great quality piece of design all created here in Scotland.

8.The Canny Squirrel


The Canny Squirrel combines her passion for Harris Tweed and animals to create tweed cushions and accessories featuring felt embroidered animals. Each design is drawn and cut out of felt, then free motion embroidery is applied to add hair or feather details (a bit like drawing with a sewing machine).

There are no embroidery programmes used in the process, it is all done by eye. You can discover an ever-expanding menagerie of favourite animals sewn lovingly onto cushions, ipad/tablet cases and bags in the online shop or you can commission a custom order to have your own pet or favourite animal featured.

9.Essi Kimanski

Essi Kimpimäki is a Finnish freelance illustrator and printmaker living and working in Glasgow. She creates cute and colourful images inspired by nature, travel and animals. Her favourite working methods are screenprinting, as well as combining handmade textures and drawings with digital illustration techniques.

10.Botanica Home   

Botanica Home started 2 years ago with a passion and love for Terrariums and all things Botanical for the home.  Designer and owner, Kirsty, is now using her interior design experience to develop Macrame and Textile designs for the home.  Creating modern, natural and simple pieces.

Kirsty has recently completed a project for high street store, Warehouse, to dress over 20 of their UK and international stores with bespoke Macrame copper hoop hangings.  Kirsty enjoys working on custom designs for the home, events and commercial properties

11.Dotty Foxes


I started a project to give 5 people I know something hand-made by me, this challenged me creatively to find new ways of creating things that people will love. I worked on illustration, taught myself to knit and learned how to paint ceramics. This started an obsession with painting white ceramics, making them interesting, unique and beautiful.
My items are very special as every dot on every teaset, mug and trinket dish is hand painted by me and no two pieces are the same. My items are perfect for people who love beautiful, unique items for the home, something to
brighten their dressing tables, coffee tables and kitchens.

12.Wee Tree Soap


I love making soap ! I began making natural handmade cold process soap when one of my children developed eczema and became unable to use commercially available products. Now I can’t stop making soap, using only use natural oils, natural clays, plant powders and essential oils, organic where possible, which have healing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
I am always on the lookout for new combinations and ingredients and always use the highest quality I can find. I never use animal products, synthetic fragrances or colours, parabens, chemical hardening agents or sodium laurel sulphates. I never use palm oil which is unsustainable and contributes to rainforest destruction.

13.Asking for Trouble


Asking For Trouble is the creative pseudonym of Marceline Smith, an illustrator, blogger, designer and zinemaker based on the West Coast of Scotland. Originally trained as a printmaker, she found a new outlet for her love of colour and pattern by designing a range of handmade and printed products featuring kawaii characters inspired by visits to Japan.
Starting with sketchbook doodles, she works them into characters and patterns in Illustrator for a range of cute and colourful stationery, accessories and gifts that aims to make you smile!

14.House of Mud


House of Mud products are all designed and handmade by me at my studio in Glasgow. I make decorative soft furnishings such as quilts, throws and cushions, as well as fashion and accessory items including jumpers, t-shirts, bags and cases.
My aim is to create pieces that are well constructed and functional, with a focus on colour, texture and shape. All zip bags are lined in colours that contrast with their exteriors and are reinforced for durability. There is a unifying simplicity throughout all the designs that is inspired by the desire to streamline possessions and to always travel light. For me, quilt-making is an opportunity to explore geometric shapes, composition, colour combinations and to bring traditional piecing techniques and formations into a contemporary light; building on skills that are passed on from generation to generation to create something new and unique.
At the moment I am looking towards developing a greater variety of products to include fabric produced locally, as well as different types of hand dyeing and printing techniques. I strive to always work sustainably, and as environmentally friendly as possible; packaging is minimal and will always be recyclable.
I take custom orders online at www.houseofmud.co.uk, where you can find the rest of my work.

15. Fuzzy Bee Paper


The Fuzzy Bee Paper Company is a collection of prints, cards, and paper goods run by illustrator Marisa K. Woods. All of the cards are hand drawn using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop.
They are also printed and packaged in Glasgow to complete perfection. “Making cards and prints started as a way to remember the crazy things my friends said, to tackle the oddity of being in your twenties, and to document the incredible amount of animals shows I was watching every Saturday. The Fuzzy Bee is a record of my life and sass that made its way onto a greeting card.

16.Hevvy Wool


I’m Hevvy and I crochet, knit and sometimes felt, wearable accessories and items for the home. I also crochet-to-order wire-stemmed flowers to be used for floral displays and wedding bouquets.
I work with natural yarns wherever possible, creating products that are either completely unique or made in small batches.  Many products are of my own design and you can find out more about what inspired those on my website at www.hevvywool.co.uk



I have been hooked on mosaics for many years, especially with the recycling element. Whilst I am really stimulated by working towards a specific commission or exhibition theme, I also enjoy working on smaller and more affordable pieces

I am a passionate recycler, and love the use of mixed materials in creating a mosaic, and feel that it is an important part of my work to illustrate the reuse of materials. It is often the receipt of a broken plate or cup that stimulates a new thought process and resulting mosaic; the colour or the texture of the item have a part to play

18.Dusty Miller


19.Louise Isobel Designs

Louise is a printer and pattern designer who has produced a range of textiles for the vintage-inspired home. She is inspired by silent cinema, classic horror and film noir. Original drawings and vintage photographs are combined with clean lines and fresh colours to create fabrics that are equally at home in a modern or vintage interior.
Her designs are digitally printed by a specialist company onto natural and recycled fabrics using eco-friendly water-based inks. Digital printing is better for the environment because it uses less ink than hand printing.
Louise then turns the fabrics into lamp shades, cushions and other accessories for the home.

20.Lucy Gordon Prints


I am a painter and illustrator living and working in Glasgow. Originally from Lancashire I moved to Scotland many moons ago to study Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art. Since then, I have been quietly working away in my little attic, painting and drawing.
My current body of work shows whimisical depictions of animals but with an anthropomorphic flair of familiarity. Using literary references, childhood memories and everyday banality, my aim is to create fun and often surreal images for your viewing pleasure.

21.Gleaming Kist


Gleaming Kist aims to offer a fine selection of distinctive vintage and accessories for you & your home. Vintage finds are all sourced locally here in Scotland.
Why Vintage? Vintage offers so much, an opportunity to buy unusual and interesting pieces with character and a chance to sustainably reuse existing resources. Each piece brings its own unique history of use and allows us to appreciate the design and aesthetic of the past.


Mother by day, designer by night

I started my shop because I (all too slowly) realised that sewing cushions and making quilts, while helping scratch my creative itch, wasn’t where I truly felt I’d found my calling.

So, I had a look through my old sketchbooks, thought about what REALLY makes me happy/excited/inspired and realised it has always been music. OK, there are some films and artists in there but mainly it’s the passions of my teenage years. The lyrics that spoke to me, the bands that blew me away on stage and all the things that got me excited about life.

23.Cali Girl Embroidery


At California Girl Embroidery, we create custom gifts with a unique and special twist! Specialising in machine embroidery and appliqué, we’ve expanded to include vinyl and stenciling crafts as well. California Girl is run by Anjie Harden, a California native, has been living in Glasgow for the past two years while her husband attends the University of Glasgow’s school of veterinary medicine. She enjoys spending lazy days with her two-year-old daughter and thinks there’s nothing better than finding the perfect gift for someone!

24.Paintings Gallery


My name is Joanna but call me Aska. I am passionate about painting nature-work from my airy studio on Isle of Mull in Scotland where I look outside into the distance and enjoy the beautiful view of mountains and sea. I gain inspiration from all the colours of nature and its beauty. In my canvases I want to attempt to capture ever changing landscape , feelings that brings to me and share it with You. The Island has been my home for nearly eight years now and still there is so much to discover.

25.Bonnie Stitches


Behind the sewing machine is me, Carol Hamilton. From a young age I have always been interested in art and being creative. After school I went on to study Fashion Design at Heriot-Watt University in Galashiels. I have a love for all things tartan but after being brought home 3 metres of Harris Tweed by my mum from her trip to Harris, I had a new obsession, I LOVE TWEED! the amazing styles and colours the tweed is available in captivated me. With my 3 metres I made a women’s coat and uploaded a photograph to Facebook, I was blown away with the positive feedback i got from friends and family.
I decided to take this new obsession and start up a business in my spare time. Bonnie Stitches is a collection handmade from my home in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire. It is a collection of garments, accessories and home wares using locally sourced fabrics. My aim is to keep Harris Tweed modern and make it available for all ages.


27.Syrah Jay Jewellery    


I have been designing and selling my jewellery since 2007 and I work from my home studio in Markinch Fife. The core material to my designs is felt, it is a versatile and robust material to work with I love it!. I make handmade felted jewellery pieces using traditional wet felting and needle felting techniques. I also launched a new range of layered die cut jewellery called Strata at the end of last year. Strata layers of colour combines vibrant coloured felt with cork to create a bright contemporary collection that can be worn everyday

28.Eleanor Barron Collection

Eleanor creates delicate Silver & Gold Jewellery using traditional Silversmithing techniques. Inspired by the surrounding nature and small details in Architecture as seen on her travels around Europe. With over 20 years experience designing and making jewellery Eleanor now runs her own Gallery & Jewellery Studio in her hometown of Milngavie, the start of the West Highland Way !

29.Neon Magpie


Neon Magpie is a collection of hand illustrated cards and gifts. It was founded in January 2015 by Megan and Chris. The idea started with a concept for a book ‘A to Z of Unicorns’. This then led to a range of unicorn cards which all feature a character from the book.

Neon Magpie has now expanded and features lots of different ranges, with gifts to go alongside the cards.

Each product in the Neon Magpie range has been designed and hand illustrated by Megan and Chris. We then take these illustrations and digitally colour them so that they are ready to print.

All our cards are printed on recycled paper. We use a UK based company to produce our cards, who are supporters of The Woodland Trust project and use only carbon captured papers for the production of all our greetings cards. Every card you buy from us helps to fund the fantastic efforts of the woodland trust in protecting and creating our beautiful native woodlands.

30.Angela Tiara


Hello. I am Angelatiara, a designer of hand made custom toys/plushies. I can make almost anything you would like from scary aliens to cute kittens and wrestlers!

Let me know what design of doll you would like and i’ll get it made!

31.Doris Does Doodles


Doris doodles, she doodles on paper, on bags, on cards, basically anything that takes her fancy, Doris also loves The 50’s, Formica designs, birds, kitsch, colour and pattern. So this is pretty much what she makes, fancy a budgie print on an enamel mug? She has it, An ice cream cone brooch – yup! A hand printed donut with sprinkles on a tote bag – oh go on then! These are the kind of quirky fun products that form the eclectic product range of cards, notebooks, prints, brooches, homeware, tote bags and bits and bobs that are all essentially Doris.

32.GLF Jewellery


GLF Jewellery is an independent jewellery designer/maker based in Glasgow. A love of metal working techniques and a commitment to producing high quality work is what drives GLF Jewellery. Collections are inspired by the natural landscape; I am in awe of Scotland’s vast, varied and simply stunning scenery, I strive to incorporate this in my work. Pieces are predominantly made from precious metals and adorned with decorative metal techniques and carefully selected precious and semi precious stones. I hope you enjoy my work.

33.Laura M Illustration


My name is Laura and I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Glasgow, Scotland. I’ve always loved laser cut prints, but found it difficult to find ones that were good quality and value for money. I decided to begin ‘Laura M’ as a way of creating custom, bespoke artwork of quality, style and beautiful design to fill the void in the market.
I currently have a range of ready made designs, but I also offer a bespoke design service to create paper cut prints which can be tailored directly to your fancy! My Christmas range has now developed from only prints, to wreaths, bunting and baubles too!

34.Roslyn Mitchell Design


Roslyn Mitchell is a Textile Artist, living and working in Largs. She studied Spatial Design where she discovered a passion for architectural drawing. She combines this with her love of applique and free motion embroidery to create textile home portraits as well as bringing iconic buildings to life through fabric. Although from Largs, Roslyn feels her heart lies in Glasgow and this has influenced her work greatly. She is not only inspired by the magnificent architecture, but also by the history and people who live there.”

35.Stephen Murray Art


I am a Glasgow based painter who tries to capture the city’s elegant architecture whilst portraying the towns moody undertones.I also apply the same approach to my Scottish land and seascapes of locations I have visited using various mediums including acrylics, watercolourand pastels. I occasionally challenge myself with some figurative and portraiture work in my own distinct style.

36.Knotty Knotty Macrame


During a visit to India I met a Tibetan woman in MacLeod Ganj who taught me to make a necklace using a few basic knots and a gemstone. Ididn’t realise that what I was learning was macramé, and I also didn’t realise what it would lead to. Home I came with a pocket full of stones and before I knew it Knotty Knotty Macramé was born. As well as using macramé techniques for jewellery I enjoy making modern versions of the 1970’s wall hangings and plant hangers and like to use natural materials where possible.

37.Peony and Thistle


Peony and Thistle sells vintage, retro and hand-made treasures for you and your home. We search far and wide in nooks and crannies to bring you the most lovely treasures we can find. We turn unloved books, vinyl albums, maps and many other things into lovely new notebooks, envelopes and bunting for you to love and enjoy.

38.Emily Rose Vintage

I am Emily and I run Emily Rose Vintage. I refurbish and handpaint vintage and second hand furniture. I firmly believe this quiet revolution I am part of is really important. We have lost our connection with the things that surround us in all aspects of our lives and this is something people are beginning to realise.
Throwaway culture is hopefully being reversed but the damage it has done already is massive. We have lost the knowledge that our predecessors had. They knew how to build things and they knew how to fix them too. Items were cherished and cared for and furniture was built to last and handed down through generations. It was designed with function and beauty in equal measures. It’s amazing to think how long some of the pieces Iuse have been here, and they are still as strong as the day they were made. Even the most ordinary piece can be transformed with paint or by stripping it back to the beautiful wood it was made from. I love knowing that the pieces I work on will hopefully stay within a new family for more generations to come.
There is so much furniture out there, I have made it my mission to fill my home with pieces I have found in the street, been given, swapped, bought on Gumtree or sourced from Charity shops. I can’t think of anything I have now that is brand new, and I love that. I use Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint on my pieces, both products are completely non-toxic and produce amazing finishes. I also specialise in adding images to pieces and producing personalised pieces.
Please check out my website: http://www.emilyrosevintage.co.uk

39.Jodie Pope


Jodie Pope, a Renfrewshire based designer, is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, where she specialised in the department of Silversmithing and Jewellery. After graduating with a BA(Hons) in Design, she set up her own business in 2004, including her own little workshop – a creative workspace she uses as a design and manufacturing base.
Fuelled by a love of all things Art Nouveau and copious amounts of tea, Jodie strives to bring you beautiful and original designs – creating various styles of jewellery as well as small pieces of decorative silverware.
Commissions are always welcome -interesting and unusual design briefs are always a pleasure to undertake. In the last few years Jodie has built up a wonderful client base in the Glasgow area. You will regularly see her selling her work at craft fairs in Central Scotland , where she enjoys meeting the customers who purchase and wear her designs.

40.Living Stone Crafts


I have a passion for Pewter. Using a technique called repousse’ which involves hand working sheet metal into 3 dimensional designs. My designs are reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period but I also create lots of sea life designs inspired by my home town on the Ayrshire coast. When not working on pictures and clocks I work on a much smaller scale in silver and have a range of silver and pearl jewellery.

41.Mechelina Studios


I launched Mechelina Studios in November 2013. This was a natural development of my long time interest in textiles, texture, colour and nature. I love exploring the colours and pigments derived from natural dyes and local plants and applying these to textiles. The pigments derived from plants yield such rich and subtle colours. It provides an ecological sound alternative to conventional dyeing methods and is gentle to the skin. I enjoy applying the colours of nature to silk, wool and hemp scarves.
I make these in my studio in Glasgow. I use a variety of techniques such as Shibori or Eco-print, involving several dyeing and steaming stages where the print is made by the plant rolled up tightly in a bundle. It is left to cure for several days up to a week. For example I may use autumn leaves or elderberries printed on madder, onion or a nettle dyed scarf. This gives my work a seasonal element. I also prepare natural organic indigo vats which provide beautiful blues on its own or could be combined with other plants or an eco-print. Plans for the future are to develop a larger range of accessories, including naturally dyed vintage style hats.

42.Flying Cheese Toastie


Rachel specialises in kiln-formed glass, utilising traditional techniques such as screen-printing with fired enamels, combining them with the modern innovation of water-jet cutting. She creates unique precision cut silhouette glass creatures, adorning them with varied designs in permanent enamel colours.

43.Valadon 1923

I love putting eclectic, unusual looks together through my finds. I spend a lot of time digging around markets, car boot sales, oh and the odd loft! I also write about some of my finds and forays in vintage at valadon1923.wordpress.com

44.Maple Aromatics


45.Little Ragdoll Cat


46.Ingrid Petrie Design

Ingrid Petrie Design is a creative business specialising in fun, modern prints, with an emphasis on strong design. Run by designer Ingrid Petrie, who works from her home studio in Glasgow, Scotland, the business was established in late 2013 and has grown from strength to strength in this time, developing a contemporary, distinctive and unique style that has proved popular with all ages.

All prints are designed by Ingrid and produced either within the studio or locally, using high quality materials at all times. Here you will find prints for every room of your house, from fun kids decor to stylish wall art: all are designed with love and care and offer something just that little bit different. If you are looking for fresh, original design, whether for your own home or as a gift, you will find prints here to suit.

Many are monochrome kids prints, featuring quirky lettering, stars and animals that are full of character- perfect for a modern nursery or little one’s room. In addition to the kids prints, you will find gorgeous, striking quotes and bold imagery such as the cactus prints and floral designs, designed with a fresh, minimalist style to enhance a modern home decor.

47.By Mrs D

Discover luxury handmade Harris Tweed homeware, alongside Scottish alpaca fashion accessories from headbands and snoods to infinity scarves. by Mrs D offers both ready-made knitwear and knitting kits for you to knit your own by Mrs D design.

If you love being creative, the art of knitting is experiencing such a wonderful revival – why not join in? Mrs D would love you to pick up your needles and enjoy knitting your own by Mrs D design using one of our Scottish alpaca knitting kits.

Alternatively, treat yourself to by Mrs D beautifully soft Scottish alpaca yarn for your next knitting project. by Mrs D Luxury Scottish Alpaca Yarn is made from 100% Scottish alpaca fleece spun in Scotland at a specialist alpaca fibre processing mill. Alpaca yarn is a delight to knit with and our Chunky and Aran weights knit up very quickly – perfect for those who find themselves with limited knitting time.

All items are designed and handmade by Mrs D, a craft-loving mummy with a soft spot for luxury Scottish textiles.

48.Island Nation


49.Wood Metamorphosis


I am a person who is in love with wood almost as much as with his wife. Only recently I have decided to turn my woodworking passion into real work and share my ideas with others. I use reclaimed wood to create home (and other) accessories that serve as little reminders of how beautiful nature is. Wood Metamorphosis is a shop for those appreciating extraordinary stories wood has to tell.

50.Rebekah’s Attic         


My name is Rebekah and I’m quite new to Etsy; you can find me there (and on Facebook and Instagram) as Rebekah’s Attic. I make and sell a variety of handmade items, mainly made from felt. I’m 100% inspired by nature, which I hope comes across in my craft – I love making flowers and plants from felt, or embroidering flowers onto felt or fabric. I was told recently by a customer that my felt succulents were “the nicest fake plants I’ve seen”, which I took to be a massive compliment! I’m still having some logistical issues with how to post certain items I create, therefore there is always a little more variety in my craft stalls than in my online Etsy store – I can’t wait to join my fellow makers at the Glasgow Etsy Made Local Christmas Fair!

51.Rhona McCallum


Rhona McCallum is a jewellery designer maker from Glasgow, creating statement collections of contemporary jewellery inspired by the dramatic Scottish landscape. By forging sheets of sterling silver and 18ct gold over rough surfaces, she transfers texture to the surface of the metal, creating a natural and rugged finish. Looking primarily at layers of rock formations and rough, stone surfaces, Rhona builds up layers of finely forged silver and gold, creating precious collages that echo the landscape that inspired them.

Rhona graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013 with an MA in Jewellery Design, and now works from a studio in the Briggait in central Glasgow. After a year long residency at the Glasgow School of Art, she was involved in the making of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Medals, led by designer Jonathan Boyd. In 2015, she was selected for the Craft Council’s Hothouse programme for emerging makers, and was selected for the Goldsmiths’ Fair Graduate Bursary Scheme. She was delighted to receive the Best New Design Award for Part 2 of Goldsmiths’ Fair 2015. Rhona regularly exhibits her work at fairs and in galleries in the UK and abroad.

52.Twa Burds Soap


TWA BURDS SOAPS was founded in the summer 2012 by two life long friends, Ashley and Linzi.

The combination of our skill sets has allowed us to create a superior product range that is both considered and beautiful.

Ashley is a qualified Aromatherapist and uses her skills to make beautiful essential oil blends to fragrance our products and her knowledge of ingredients and their properties to offer the best quality and most effective products.

Linzi trained as an artist and brings to the mix a creative twist to the design and packaging of TWA BURDS SOAPS. Linzi use of colour and fresh approach to soap making produces products so beautiful that you may be left unsure if your meant to eat it, hang it on the wall or simply, wash with it!

All of our product are cooked up in our workshop by hand and come with an extra sprinkling of love and laughter.

53.Heather And Linen


54.Girl Industries     and         Stella My Star

For years I squirrelled away fabric scraps with pretty patterns, paper and card which was too pristine simply to recycle, old photographs with glimpses into the past and transportation tickets which told a story. I began to make gifts, pictures, notebooks, letters and tags from these found objects and share them with friends. My letters and gifts crossed the world and I loved hearing from their recipients.

The internet came along, and we started to communicate over email, facebook, skype… but I never forgot my love of stationery, and it seems that a gift in person, or a letter in the mail has never gone out of style. So you find me here, today, making new and interesting things from the discarded, the rescued and the much-loved.


I make handmade jewellery and accessories and sometimes sell vintage finds. I’ve been making jewellery for a long time and and have been selling at craft fairs mostly in Glasgow but also in Edinburgh, Newcastle and York since 2005.

I originally started selling jewellery to stop it piling up in my house and feed my bead habit. What I make tends to reflect whatever’s in my head at the time, but constant themes are popular culture, especially film and TV, skulls and skeletons, the coast and countryside, folk art and charm jewellery.

55.IpsoKipso Ceramics


My name is Alison and I work as Ipsokipso Ceramics from a shared studio in Glasgow.

My current influences are the folds and textures found in animal and plant surfaces and in textiles. These range from the soft and subtle to bold and dramatic and are incorporated in my ceramics both large and small.

Using hand building techniques, I add texture, pattern and colour as I work, creating functional and decorative ceramics each of which is individually designed and thus unique.

56.Sea Tree Argyll


We create things from clay, glass, driftwood, recycled wood and beach finds. We love to make simple beautiful things inspired by our lovely location in Argyll – fishy clocks, sculptures on driftwood, poetry and images in clay – everything is hand-made, and so each piece will have its own individuality.

57.Maram Jewellery


Maram Jewellery creates simple Sterling Silver jewellery inspired by her love of  bright colours and anything that suggests the coast. From the textures of her hand stamped silver, to the seaglass inspired pieces and the traditional tools that she uses in a traditional ways to create modern pieces.

Her current hot buy are birthstone rings, and she regularly creates commissioned cluster sets of them that incorporate the birthstones of those closest to you, whether that be children, husbands , parents ..whoever you want to hold close.   

58.Stitch Craft Blog

Lynsey set up Stitch Craft Blog in January this year after falling in love with cross stitch. Making
detailed and intricate cross-stitch art she incorporates her love of vintage with a twist of
nostalgia by using fabrics or icons from a bygone age.
Recently she’s branched out to beautiful cards for all occasions, keeping the vintage theme throughout. “I love creating pieces I would decorate my own home with, and I’m really enjoying expanding my shop as time goes on. You can expect to see more from me in 2016!”. Lynsey will bring items from her Etsy store, as well as some Christmas themed cards and cross-stitch to our event
In addition to running her own shop, working, and looking after her much blogged about cat Leia
she’s also one of the hardworking leaders in the Glasgow Team, bringing a touch of sparkle and
glitter to what we do

59.Squinty Stuff


Squinty Stuff was launched in 2009 when I decided to turn what had been a hobby into a business. I make jewellery, accessories and greetings cards by upcycling broken jewellery, old toys and other random bits – hence the name, ‘Squinty’, as everything is handmade and a bit eccentric!

I like unusual, quirky items combining colours and textures that might not normally be used together. Lots of the beads and other items that I use come from charity shops, end of line clearance sales, and donations from lovely people who are clearing out their cupboards and jewellery boxes, so as little as possible goes to waste.

I love the geeky side of life, especially Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror shows, books and films. Not forgetting computer games, unicorns, dragons, Superheroes (and Villains!)

60.Trudy’s Store 

I love to draw and my shop is full of fun retro styled cards, mirrors, stickers and badges that feature reproductions of my own quirky illustrations. I am obsessed with old movies, vintage kitsch and retro toys, many of which are featured in my work. I am a trained graphic designer and have studied animation, I currently work full time as a television designer at the BBC and am the Captain of the Glasgow Etsy Team.

I also have a vintage Etsy store here Trudys Store Vintage >>

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