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Today we talk to Glasgow Etsy Members Lisa and Paul about their vegan friendly, palm oil free and cruelty free soap company – Superfly Soap.

How did you begin your business?

Superfly Soap is still in its very early stages, we only launched in April this year. I have another creative business (Knotty Knotty Macramé) and although macramé is increasing hugely in popularity it still has niche appeal. We wanted to start a business that, firstly, I would thoroughly enjoy the creative process of and, secondly, that would have a wide appeal. My partner (Paul) mentioned he wanted to get involved in soap making and that was the start of it all and we decided to start a skincare business with body soap as the base product that would develop into other skincare essentials. We would be vegan friendly, cruelty free and have a range of natural and nearly natural products.

What are you currently working on?

Shampoo bars! In our bid to cut down on the unnecessary use of plastics we’re developing a range of shampoo bars. It’s a frustratingly slow process though, after producing a number of test batches we have to wait 5 weeks (!) for them to cure before we begin testing them on willing volunteers. Once we’re satisfied with our recipes they need to undergo cosmetic assessment and then we can begin unleashing them!

Where do you find support?

I couldn’t be without my on-line community, whether it be Facebook soap groups, the Glasgow Etsy Team or my Instagram buddies. It can be a lonely process at times and it gives me a boost knowing there’s others out there that I can reach out to for support. My partner is a big entrepreneur and helps me maintain the belief that anything is possible if you want to achieve it enough.

Where does your love of making come from?

My mum was a seamstress, crocheter and knitter, she owned a wool shop so I think both the maker and the businesswoman rubbed off on me. My sister is very creative too and was a huge influence as I grew up. I’ve always taken enjoyment out of creating whether it be cooking, making gifts for people or home improvements, it’s only been in recent years that I realised people were willing to pay money for my efforts!

Can you describe your workspace and why it works for you?

Our manufacturing takes place in the kitchen but I have a dedicated office/workroom at home which has as many IKEA KALLAX shelving units as is possible to squeeze into the space, a desk, soap curing racks and a plethora of macramé supplies and wall hangings. I see so many nice work spaces on peoples Instagram accounts but I could never share mine, it’s bursting at the seams, and where do all these people keep their envelopes??!! I seem to have boxes of them everywhere!

To find out more about Superfly Soap visit  or on Etsy , or follow Lisa on Instagram  and Facebook



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