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Twitter is the fastest moving of the social media platforms and, at the same time, it can be a slow burner. By joining in with hashtag hours you get an instant reaction to your work and tweets but, once your tweets are out there, they will continue to be retweeted and pop up on Twitter feeds for days after.





You can follow a tweet’s activity by clicking on the bars in the corner of each tweet.





Tweet activity



This will then show you the number of impressions and the total engagements for this tweet.








The total engagements can be expanded to show the types of engagement.




This information can be used to assess and plan your Twitter strategy. What kind of tweets get the most engagement, which hashtags give the best results and what time of day your tweets get the most attention.


Immerse yourself

Having said this, if you are going to promote your business on Twitter effectively, the most important thing is to immerse yourself in it, engage with others and join in hashtag hours. My favourites are #HandmadeHour (7.30-9.30pm on Wednesday and 8-9pm on Sunday), #CraftHour (7-8pm on Sunday), #womaninbiz (6-7pm Mon-Fri) and #womaninbizhour (9-10am on Saturday and 7-8pm on Sunday). There are so many hashtag hours on the go that you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your business at a time that suits you. If you are an early bird #earlybiz (7-8am Mon-Fri) might be the one for you, if weekend mornings are when you have time to tweet you’ll enjoy #UKGiftHour (9-11am Saturday and Sunday).

We’re happy to announce that the Glasgow Etsy Team will be reintroducing #GEThour on

The last Monday of the month 9-10pm, starting 25th June!


If you are a Twitter novice and this all seems a bit scary, just observe for a while. Follow a few people in your niche, see what and when they are tweeting and note which hashtag hours they are joining in with. Bear in mind that some hashtag hours are networking based and others are pure promotion, most are a bit of both. Clicking on a hashtag will show you the “Top” posts first. You can select to view Top, Latest, People, Photos, etc. All hashtag hours are hosted, the host (found under “People”) will usually have a description of the hashtag hour, including times, on their Twitter profile.

When you feel comfortable, start tweeting. When joining in with a hashtag hour, select “Latest” to view the most recent posts. I usually retweet 3-5 tweets for each of my own product tweets. When a lot of people are joining in with a hashtag hour it will start trending, so keeping an eye on what’s trending can also help you find popular hashtag hours. Once you are up and running here are some basic tips to keep in mind:


Twitter Tips

DO pin one of your own tweets to your profile (you can find this option under the down arrow at the top right of each of your tweets). This is important so that when someone visits your profile they don’t have to look too hard to find something of yours to retweet!

DO share a link AND a photo in each of your product tweets. People respond better to tweets where they can see a photo without having to click on the link to your shop (and hence leave Twitter). If they like what they see, they may then visit your shop.

DO be aware that a photo will appear cropped in a published tweet. Check your product can still be seen in the letterbox version that appears in your tweet.

DO add relevant hashtags to each tweet (this is how people will find you) and vary the hashtags you use to reach a larger audience.

DO follow and retweet others (many will return the favour), Tweeters love to share!

DO join in with hashtag hours, engage, comment and retweet.

DO be friendly and professional. Be yourself, but if you have strong political views or love sharing personal stuff or pictures of your pets, it might be a good idea to open a different account for these tweets! The same applies to all social media platforms.

DON’T worry about how many followers you do or don’t have, Twitter is very fluid and this number will go up and down.

DON’T forget to fill in your profile and add a link to your shop!

If you find you just aren’t around to tweet when you want to be, there are ways to schedule tweets, check out TweetDeck for example. Also, IFTTT will allow you to tweet your Instagram posts, including the picture. You can also tweet directly from the Sell on Etsy app.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Whatever your views on social media, there is no denying that it is an important part of promoting your business. I would highly recommend having a presence on multiple platforms. If all your effort goes into one platform, when the inevitable changes come, your reach may dramatically drop until you figure out how to be seen again. However, it is unlikely that all social media platforms will make changes at the same time so, keeping a presence on multiple platforms means that you won’t suddenly disappear! You can choose your favourites but, having a presence on at least four different platforms, that you update regularly, is a necessity. I use Twitter and Instagram most days, Pinterest and Facebook a couple of times a week.


Brand continuity builds trust

Make sure you have brand continuity across your social media and that you maintain professionalism on all platforms. This will build trust in your brand and make it more likely for a potential customer to make the purchase. By working on your social media presence you will become the “go to” when someone is looking for whatever it is you sell. When you need a new bag, it’s easier to go straight to the person you see promoting their gorgeous bags on Twitter than to use Google. I know this is the way it works because I do most of my shopping from small businesses I “met” on social media. 😁


Win win

By doing your gift shopping from small businesses and helping to promote them as well as yourself you become part of a community of like minded people all working together to support small businesses.


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