GET Giving – Cure Claire’s Cancer at Etsy Made Local, Sunday 2nd December 2018

On Sunday we welcome to Etsy Made Local a charity very personal to me. Claire is my friend. She was the one other pregnant person I knew when I had Marnie, she was my birthing partner (as neither of our other halves could make it to baby classes) and our wee girls are now 9 year old best friends. Claire has cancer and we are trying to raise money to get her well again. Here’s a little bit about my friend Claire who we will be collecting for at Etsy Made Local on Sunday.


Our aim is to raise money for our wonderful friend Claire Bothwell through Creative, Crafty and Convivial based endeavours – each event will be a celebration of Claire and an opportunity to make as much money as possible.

We are looking to raise £100,000 for Claire to find a cure for her cancer through research, cutting edge trials and experimental treatments, whilst also raise awareness for bowel cancer (which is becoming increasingly common in under 50s).


Claire is simply wonderful. She is a warrior for social justice, an animal lover and one of the best friends anyone could hope for. She is a mum to three beautiful children, a loving wife, daughter, sister and dear friend.

It was a horrible shock for us all when last year Claire was diagnosed with bowel cancer. After surgery to remove the tumour it looked like she was in the clear. Unfortunately, tests showed it had spread to her lungs and despite getting 9 months of chemotherapy and five tumours removed from her lungs in the summer two more tumours have already appeared in her lungs. She has now been told it’s probably incurable.

As if that’s not unlucky enough Claire has also been diagnosed with a second unrelated cancer – lymphoma. But Claire, tenacious as always is determined to find a solution for herself and others in her situation. Having two different cancers excludes her from taking part in most trials so she is going to have to pay for any experimental treatment herself.

The good news is that there are new forms of immunology that could save her life. The treatments are at a very early stage and therefore hideously expensive and not available to Claire on the NHS.

Her best option now is to try and raise funds to be treated privately in America or Europe.

So if you can spare even a couple of quid, Claire, her family and all of us would be massively grateful. If you want to join us at some of the awesome events we are pulling together we’d be more than happy to sell you a raffle ticket and a tote bag! PLEASE, PLEASE, HELP US CURE CLAIRE’S CANCER.


We are a diverse group of people brought together by a shared passion; our friend Claire. As an assorted collective with a variety of skills – we will be organising a series of events to help us hit our target of £100,000 which will hopefully cover the cost of any treatment Claire might be eligible for.

As well as the usual fund raising through raffles and the like, we will be hosting art auctions, skills auctions, gigs, club nights, making merch and much, much more. Each event will be a celebratory occasion that will reflect the nature of Claire’s bright, tenacious and quite frankly all round beautiful personality.

This page will help us keep a running tally of all monies made and allow people to donate easily. It is also a space to share updates about Claire and her treatment.


Claire is yet to decide on the best treatment for her cancer. She and her family are tirelessly researching the options. What is likely is that it will be far away and expensive. Through researching her own treatment Claire hopes to raise awareness for others in a similar situation. We will update all progress on this page and Claire is going to produce her own Podcast that will follow her journey to find a cure. If Claire is successful in finding treatment that isn’t so far away or isn’t as expensive as initially outlined, all extra monies will be given to existing cancer charities.

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