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Welcome to a new series of regular blog posts about collaborating with other #GlasgowEtsy team members.


In the New Year I moved into a new fantastic studio in the Hidden Lane, Finneston, with #GlasgowEtsy Team Leader – Lynne Squinty Stuff and team members – Lesley  Lesley Williamson Photography and Anjie Cali Girl Handmade .


I was told my old studio was closing down a few days before #EtsyMadeLocal, and was totally stressed about it at December’s team meetup, I had enough to think about with the Etsy fair being that weekend, without the worry of packing up all my stuff and finding somewhere new.

Lesley suggested we look around the Hidden Lane in Finnieston for a place together and that Friday we were taken into an amazingly light, large studio with a mezzanine, we instantly knew we had to take it.

We needed to recruit a couple of others to make it affordable and knew just the right people. Luckily Lynne and Anjie fell in love with the space as much as we already were. We moved in our stuff over the Christmas holidays and after a few months of sorting out things, we are finally feeling settled in our new home.


We all do different things in the studio which makes the space really inspiring and interesting, I have ideas I want to try out that involve crossing our crafts over at some point and it has definitely sown the seeds for the possibility of experimenting with new ways of working.

We all are all lucky enough to have huge spaces within the studio and have made a display space at the front for our new little shop area. We have named the space “Studio Number One”.


As part of our remit we have set up a little gift shop selling all of our work, as well as a few Glasgow Etsy Team Members Stitchcraft Blog, The Canny Squirrel, Rebekah’s Attic, Twa Burds Soap, Laura E Patrick Calligraphy and Peony and Thistle. I’m really hoping it will be a great showcase for our #glasgowetsy team members in the future.

We are working with our neighbours at Sweetheart Creations and The Dragonfly Studios to make a wee new shopping destination in the lane and are having an opening night which you are all invited to, on the 24th March. details here>>

Please pop in and see us, we are open 10-5 Monday to Friday.

As far as co-working is concerned, I would throughly recommend it to those considering making the dauntingly giant leap, out of the spare bedroom and into a studio. I find the extra space and the ability to be a bit more organised has really helped me order my business plans and practice.

I’m really looking forward to the potential this year has to offer. I’m excited about developing our wee shop, learning from and motivating each other and hopefully doing some things that I would never have even thought of trying if it wasn’t for sharing a space with my new ace studio mates.



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and please get in touch if you’d like to be considered in the future for our space



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