GET Advice – Getting on trend or going your own way?

While many of us like to follow our own inspiration and ideas when it comes to product design, it’s hard to deny that if your designs are on trend you’re likely to increase your customer base.

So how do you find out what is currently in fashion?

The DIY option is always good, take a good look in your favourite shops and make a note of those themes you see recurring, whether colour palettes, styles or functions. Check out the high street or go online; sites like Etsy and Pinterest are great.

Of course that will only tell you what is trending now, not what is likely to be trending in six months.

If you want to spot trends as they begin to appear then check out Trendhunter and Trendwatcher. These sites have a heck of a lot of data and although much of it has to be paid for there is still plenty to see for free.

Check out the design tab on Trendhunter and click on any product pictured to find out how it rates in terms of ‘trendiness’ – judged in terms of strength of engagement and number of related items.

See for example this adorable handmade rainbow wall art which scores 7.1/10 in terms of trendiness, and these customised cushion compacts which score a whopping 9.5/10.

Even if trends aren’t your thing Trendhunter is worth checking out for pure inspiration, just an incredible array of products, from the sublime to the ridiculous – colourfully galactic bagels anyone?

One particularly intriguing site is Stylus, which features design directions reports on trends coming up in 2019/20, as well as seminars, workshops and presentations, I was super excited by some of these until I realised they were for members only.

For a slightly less overwhelming (and cheaper) experience why not look for trend reports from major design companies? Generally released at the beginning of each year these will tell you what trends we’ll see over the next twelve months.

Shutterstock and Getty Images both identify trends through analysing the searches carried out on their image libraries and many of their 2018 trends are echoed in a report produced by flooring company Gorflor.

For 2018 Shutterstock identified three major trends – fantasy, new minimalism and space, as well as eight others to watch – natural luxury, punchy pastels, a global march, cactus, digital crafts, ancient geometrics, crytocurrency and holographic foil.

The Gorflor report – which focuses more on colour palettes – also singled our fantasy, geometrics and roots (similar to Shutterstock’s natural luxury). Their other key trends were tropical glam and retro now.

Speaking of colours, the Pantone site is also incredibly useful for identifying in fashion hues; and earlier this year they released the colour palettes they expect to be big in 2019.

The ‘Cravings palette is stocked with “spicy reds, sweet flamingo orange and rich purples” while the Classico palette is at the other end of the spectrum with white, beiges, deep teals, grays, burgundy reds, and blacks.

There’s loads more out there of course, these ones are just the sites I find most helpful, if you guys know of any others please let us know!

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