Etsy Made Local 2018 – Applications are open.

Our applications are now open for our Christmas market on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd Dec 2018!

We’re expecting a large volume of applications for the places we have available and unfortunately that means that we can’t offer a stall to everyone who applies. It takes us a lot of time to go through all the applications, we do look at each and every one so we thought we’d pass on some general tips on how to make your application stand out.

The most important things are:

  • If you want to have the best chance of being an Etsy Made Local: Glasgow vendor the first super important tip we can give you is to read the form carefully; make sure that you understand the questions and what’s required of you. Everything we have asked is there for a reason, it’s vital that we get the answers on your form.

  • Make sure your shop link is in the correct format as shown on the form. If it is incorrect, we have to manually find your shop – this takes us more time than you’d imagine and slows down our vetting process. Also, make sure that you are a member of our team – if you are not a member, we cannot offer you a place if we approve your application. The link to join the team is here and on the application.

  • Fill your shop full of your lovely products! Put your bestsellers at the front of your shop. Do you have a variety of price points and are your products giftable? If you have a fantastic Christmas range, consider listing it now for us to see. Don’t worry about it being summer, it’s also the time that press look for their seasonal features so plenty of people are looking for their new festive favourites.

  • If you are going on holiday/closing your shop during the application process, please let us (and your customers) know the date that you will be back in your shop announcement. We can’t assess an empty shop but we will wait for you to reopen if we know when.

  • Please remember to send us your ‘blurb’ and three high resolution product pictures to the email address on the form. Our press for the event starts as soon as the applications close and if we don’t have these, you are missing out on a chance to promote your shop (please also be aware that the application email is only used for this purpose, so do not use it for other enquiries). Photo’s should be 1MB in resoution if possible and at least one should be supplied as a square crop. If you’re unsure on our photo requirement, look out for a post from us soon to help you out!

  • Be aware that this is a Community organised fair and every stall holder we select will be expected to contribute something towards the organisation. We won’t be forcing anyone to take on roles that they aren’t comfortable with, nor are we expecting you to give up hours and hours of time. Instead we’re hopeful that everyone contributing a little, or joining up with others to get the bigger tasks done, will share the load and help us build  an event that benefits our whole Glasgow Etsy community throughout the year and not just at Christmas. You can read more on why this is important on our blog post here.

  • And lastly – apply on time. Applications close at noon on Tuesday 31st July and due to the volume of applications we are very strict about not accepting applications that are late. Over the past few years it’s been frustrating to see top calibre sellers miss the cut off – don’t let that be you this year!

Ready to apply? You can find the form here:

Of course, following the advice above does not guarantee that you will get a place at the event. We have to turn a lot of great work down, simply because there is not enough space for you all. Please don’t take it personally if you don’t get in. We know it can be heartbreaking to apply and be rejected, but this is rarely because the quality of work is poor. More often it is because we’ve had too many applications for certain areas (e.g. illustration and jewellery are particularly tough categories!) and we have to limit certain genres of work to ensure there is a good spread of products on the day. We also know what works and what doesn’t sell on the day.  Trust us – it is just as hard for us to say no to you as it is for you to hear it.

If you don’t get a place at our event,

  • Please remember it isn’t personal. Your work is great and there will be many other good opportunities, it’s just this one isn’t yours this year. If you have frustrations, please don’t take it out on the team on social media, or to the team leaders. Sellers have done this in the past and all it does is upset everyone involved.
  • Do consider coming on board to help us organise the day. We need lots of jobs doing, big and small and donating an hour here or there will really help us.
  • Make use of the other ways working as a team can get your work seen – interact with each other on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, make sure you tag your work #glasgowetsy and support one another. There have been some great collaborations and cross promotion within our team from members who just love each others work.
  • Using #glasgowetsy as a tag on your Etsy listings means you become part of our team’s shopping guide which you can see here: It’s a really great way to showcase local talent and we try to promote the guide when we can.
  • We can’t provide feedback on any application simply due to the volumes we receive. If you want help and support to improve your Etsy shop, we recommend referring to the Etsy Seller Handbook and Etsy Success social media channels where there is a large variety of help and advice articles, podcasts and videos available. Our team Facebook group has also proven a good source of help and advice from your peers.

Applications close on 31st July and we will be letting sellers know if they are successful sometime in August*. We will keep you up to date on our blog and our social media channels.

We also want to take a moment to let you know about our new comunication procedure. This year we will only be answering enquiries via our Glasgow Etsy email at . In the past we’ve dealt with messages coming in via several social media channels as well as directly to ourselves at all hours night and day. this has been difficult to manage and we hope that directing all enquiries to our shared mailbox will help things to be dealt with more quickly. Any messages sent directly to our team leadership will no longer be answered so please use the team email for all enquiries.

Finally, it’s time to wish you all luck, remember to read the form fully and apply on time! We look forward to seeing your lovely shops, finding some new favourites and can’t wait to announce who our lucky EtsyMadeLocal 2018 sellers will be!

Apply for Glasgow Etsy’s Etsy Made Local here

Trudy, Katherine, Lynne and Mairi

*Date will depend on volume of applications and will be decided once applications have closed





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