Etsy Made Local 2015 – The Sellers – Sea Tree Argyle



IMG_4478I joined Etsy some time ago but decided last year to really make a go of it, and was pleasantly surprised by how much support there was from Etsy for business and creative development. One of the new things to me was their effort to bring Etsy to life across the UK, with my ‘local’ team being Glasgow. I was excited to read about the Etsy Made Local event – craft fairs to me are not necessarily an income stream – I head out to them seeing it as a chance to meet and talk to potential customers, gauge opinion on new products, talk about commissions, with any sales being an added bonus. The chance to do this in Glasgow, which would be a new market for me, and to meet other Etsy sellers and the wonderfully hard-working Glasgow Etsy Team made it seem worth a shot at having a stall there.

The day was most unexpected. we got horribly lost on the way in and met hundreds of racing Santa at every turn. We could see where we needed to be and just couldn’t get there without knocking down a few Santas to get through. I posted on the facebook page “help!” and someone phoned my mobile within minutes with directions, saving a few Santas lives in the process. We even had help to get in when we arrived, willing folks carrying boxes and bags while we found parking.

IMG_4477As for meeting Etsy folks – it didn’t happen! What a busy, busy afternoon. I have never been to a craft fair with queues to get in – and bouncers at the door! There was not a minute to chat except to ask if anyone had spare petty cash or was their izettle working. I sold way more than I have ever sold too, not surprising given that the stall was often six people deepIMG_4476. I had some lovely conversations with customers too, but my apologies to those who didn’t get a long explanation about how the pottery gets fired or where we collected our driftwood. Maybe next time, I will bring along even more helpers.

I am really looking forward to more opportunities to meet and chat with other Etsy sellers and really hope to take part in the next Etsy Made Local event – a huge thank you to the organisers who did such great promotion and worked so hard at pulling it together. It was the best craft fair ever.

Please check out Michaela’s beautiful shop here >>

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