EML, Community spirit and the year ahead

It’s nearly time for us to announce the details of this years Etsy Made Local in December. But before we do, we would like to share how the leaders have been running GET, and how we would like to move forward this year with more involvement from team members. There will also be some changes to the EML application process.

Katherine, Lynne, Mairi and I run the team in our spare time, which includes amongst many other things the organisation of Etsy Made Local. Last year we did a survey for the 2017 vendors which made it apparent that perhaps still not all team members are clear that we do this voluntarily.

We make no money personally from GET, all money goes back into the running of the team. We manage the group in our spare time with help from our ever growing army of amazing volunteers, without which we could not make it all happen.

We get minimal help from Etsy, EML is organised mostly by the four of us – all the articles you may have seen in the press were down to Katherine, the Facebook event was organically grown to huge numbers due to the hard work and diligence of Mairi, Lynne and her twitter team tirelessly retweeted and tweeted to garner much attention for the event.

We are so lucky to have the help of our amazing pool of volunteers on the Newsletter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Blog and also on the day of the event, each stepping up selflessly to dedicate some of their free time to help pull everything together. We answer a huge amount of emails, Facebook messages and Etsy convo’s on a daily basis relating to team matters, a lot goes on behind the scenes to pull it all together.

Lastly we have to attempt to find some kind of time for our families, full time jobs and our own Etsy shops at the most busy time of the year for online retail. Every year, to be honest we attempt to make our businesses our priority and every year we mostly fail to do so. The stalls we personally had at the fair are our small recompense for months and months of hard work and we are hoping this year to be able to reward people in kind in some way, who are willing to give up a little bit of their spare time to help us out.

This year we are hoping to do more with the team than just EML. On our remit is potentially a couple of workshops, establishing a morning or afternoon monthly meet up for members unable to attend the evening meets and we will be potentially looking at a couple of smaller team selling events in the future so we can hopefully offer opportunities to more members of our community. And there’s the key word – COMMUNITY.

This year we will only be offering places at EML to members who contribute to the team. This could be by being an active part of our chat group, attending the monthly team meet ups or by being one of our valued volunteers who helps with day to day maintenance. In the upcoming months we will be creating roles that people can be assigned to.

In order for this event that takes up so much of our free time to continue, we need to have people taking part that understand essentially what it is. It’s not a profit making fair, it’s a community event, organised for the community by the community.

Hopefully this can be the start of us building our amazing Glasgow Etsy collective into a strong positive unit that can achieve amazing things through working together.

EML is for team members who want to be involved in the team all year round – it’s not just for Christmas.

You can join the Glasgow Etsy Chat Group here >>

Apply to be one of our valued volunteers here >>

Find out details about our monthly team meet ups here >>

One thought on “EML, Community spirit and the year ahead

  1. I absolutely agree with everything that has been said and fully support the decision to offer places to vendors who have contributed their time and energy to planning,organising and promoting the event. It is by far the best organised and best attended event I have ever gone to from parking the car to finally packing up. The GET team are all stars and I can’t praise them enough.

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